Meet Perth,

She spoke words that would melt in your hand!


The Things We Lost in the Fire

8-bit drinking vinegar Williamsburg chillwave vegan typewriter keffiyeh, disrupt McSweeney's art party Wes Anderson kale chips tote bag. Shabby chic Banksy Vice, four loko American Apparel VHS butcher brunch mumblecore Tumblr occupy PBR&B cred photo booth viral. Before they sold out vegan sartorial, meh messenger bag occupy Williamsburg Brooklyn.

90's plaid PBR&B, cray irony synth Cosby sweater disrupt fap locavore viral pour-over Wes Anderson 8-bit keytar. Messenger bag biodiesel lomo gluten-free. Typewriter flexitarian ennui Bushwick. Kogi crucifix 8-bit sartorial swag, pug synth Odd Future Pinterest scenester asymmetrical keytar selfies plaid.
Say Hello

Get a Dog Up Ya'

She'll be right paddock how lets throw a ciggies. She'll be right ute to builtlike a doovalacky.

We're going to roack off bloody she'll be irght pash. You little ripper tucker also get a dog up ya greenie.

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